Casa Optima 
Novelties 2024

A lot of novelties from MEC3's creative flair

General 2024

The Gelato of tomorrow

Dinosaur Park

Don't taste it, devour it!

Pokémon 2024

The electrifying flavour!

Paw Patrol 2024

Naturally blue , simply unique.

Salty Creations

Make it an occasion for salty gelato.

Cookies 2024

Discover the entire world of Cookies The Original

Quella 2024

Opens up a world.


The extraordinary Gelato soft


The Fruit becomes GranFrutta

Crumble Mania

The crumble cake changes shape

The Classic

Flavours chosen by true experts

La Gelatisserie

The creative evolution of your gelato shop


Creativity request a good Base

Extra Chocolate

The essence of chocolate


Deliciousness without added sugars


The new era of granite

DOuMIX 2024

Boost your creativity!

Mug Cake

The pleasure goes further than gelato!

500 Line

Speed up quality


The gelato's nature

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