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Forged by the experience of MEC3 Gelato Chefs, this tool is the most loved by artisan gelato makers all over the world. Thanks to Genius Cloud, balancing your gelato recipes will be a child's play.

The balance

The best recipes are born out of a simple intuition: changing the dosage of sugars, innovating flavours with uncommon ingredients, and breaking the barriers of traditional gelato with innovative combinations. And in the end, jotting down your idea on paper, alas drawing your balancing table to align all the components of our ingredients, sum them up and checking if we guessed the correct formula. This happened before Genius Cloud, the innovative application by MEC3, enabling gelato makers with a brand new work tool that's easy and intuitive to use. Enter your ingredients, balance the recipes, save them in your archive and browse them: all through the web, without having to install anything. Your creations are just a click away, bring them with you wherever you go!

Add the ingredients: their values are automatically calculated and compared to the reference values to check if you're good to go. And if you're in trouble, you can always ask Genius for an automatic balancing.
All your recipes follow you along: you may always find them in your personal archive. Need to print them? No problem, you can choose from the 6 different available models.
Keep your ingredients organized to add new ones or edit the existing. You can also add nutritional values to get them right when you print them. It couldn't be any easier!
Change the reference values of mixtures according to your needs, add the logo of your gelato shop to your recipes, change the language: Genius Cloud gives you all the flexibility you need.
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