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Mirror Glaze Violet Chic

Mirror Glaze Violet Chic

Mirror Glaze Violet Chic

A line of glazes with a shiny effect that can be used at negative temperatures (-15/-18°C) and positive temperatures (+2/+4°C) ideal for coating semifreddi, Bavarian creams, Mousse and Single portions. Mirror is the new line of high performance mirror glazes capable of satisfying the needs of professional pastry chefs with a quality and flavour that will conquer the most refined consumers.

Creative glazes with modern colours that guarantee the homogeneous coating of both the horizontal and vertical surfaces of desserts and with a fresh and trendy taste to complete the dessert without prevailing over its main flavour.

Once they have been heated, they are ready for use, fluid, simple and fun to use. Its grip is homogeneous and it clings firmly to the structure and doesn’t become opaque at low temperatures. The dessert when cut will result clean and unspoilt without any smudges.
With Mirror Glaze the desserts will reflect the creativity of every pastry chef.

Gluten Free
Without added milk derivatives





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