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SOFT-ICE Cotton Candy

SOFT-ICE Cotton Candy

SOFT-ICE Cotton Candy

From the experience and creativity of mec3, wondercream is born: the evolution of gelato soft into a gourmet dessert.

A new way of interpreting a trend of the sector: fresh and delicious, practical and easy to prepare, meeting the approval of both adults and children thanks to  high quality raw materials, the captivating method of presentation and the endless possibilities to personalize the cones. Choose amongst our exclusive recipes or combine our quality gelato soft, the renowned creams, the precious sauces and grains with your fantasy. 

Enter the world of Wondercream, a triumph of taste beyond your imagination!


Cone - Waffle cone

Gelato - Soft-Ice Blue Sky + Soft-Ice Cotton Candy

Creams and fruits specialities - Quell’Altra® 

Crunchy and decorations - Meringue Grains + Marshmallow

Finishing - Milk chocolate coating type “M”

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Pack weight:

2 Kg

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