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Il Milanese

Il Milanese

Il Milanese

Risotto turns into gelato

A unique, sophisticated and inviting variegate that captures the attention thanks to the intense crispiness of the puffed rice and its refined saffron flavour. Inspired by the city of the most famous risotto “Il Milanese” is an amazing harmony of flavour, to be discovered.

One of the most illustrious dishes of Italian cuisine worldwide becomes an elegant gelato with an amazing taste. “Il Milanese” is the most intriguing and unexpected proposal for dessert, destined to astonish and transform gelato shops into top class restaurants.


150g product + 1Kg white base.

Add 150 g of variegate “Il Milanese” for every kg of white base and batch freeze. Flatten in the gelato tray and cover with a layer of variegate.

THE BOX CONTAINS: 2 tins of 5.5 kg

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