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ORIGIN: ITALY; Piedmont.

QUALITY: Nocciola Piemonte P.G.I. - Tonda Gentile Trilobata

INGREDIENTS: Piedmont Hazelnut  paste

FEATURES: Sphere-shaped; excellent taste and aroma after toasting, easy to shell, good shelf life. Caliber selection 14 and 15 mm.

CHARACTERISTICS: roasted and refined immediately, to preserve their aroma. Delicately roasted.

DOSAGE: 80 / 130 g per Kg of base mixture.

THE GELATO: The paste undergoes a process of delicate toasting from which you will obtain a light brown gelato with a magnificent taste and a delicate perfume, without an excessively toasted aftertaste thanks to the superior quality and the caliber of the Piedmont hazelnuts.

Nocciola-la-là sensory analysis

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5 Kg

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