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Base Natura Evolution 100

Base Natura Evolution 100

Base Natura Evolution 100

To go even further, where naturalness does not accept compromises. Only genuine ingredients easily recognized by the consumer. Without emulsifiers, vegetable fats, flavourings and without thickeners. A clean gelato with an impeccable flavour and structure thanks to the vegetable fibres and the innovative baobab fruit pulp. Dedicated to those who live gelato with passion.

DOSAGE: 75-100 g product + 250-270 g sugar + 1 l milk.
Hot preparation.
For sugary gelato flavours (e.g. Vanilla, Cookie, Zabaione, etc.) we suggest to use both milk and cream to obtain a creamy consistency.
For nuts flavours (e.g.Hazelnut, Pistachio, etc.), once the white base will be pastorized and chilled we suggest to add the paste product avoiding to use the mixer (to obtain the right consistency you can use a whisk or a spatula).
Using a mixer will improve the emulsifying power of the base, causing the product to be too stabilized.

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