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Gelato / Ripple sauces / Creamy ripples


Gelato / Ripple sauces / Creamy ripples


When the captivating aroma of ginger and cinnamon enriches the biscuit gelato and the flavour of caramel is mixed with crunchy spicy biscuits, Cookies Spicy is born!

Try it in all its versatility: excellent as a paste and also as an irresistible variegate, Cookies Spicy is the product for gelato that is  the perfect answer to the growing trend of spicy biscuits, that are increasingly present in the showcases all over the world.

The recipes suggested range from the delicious Spicy Cheesecake gelato flavour to the yummy Spicy Italian and Spicy Banana, concluding with the classic combination with coffee!

Try them all and give your showcase a spicy touch!

IN THE BOX: 2 tins of 6 kg each


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