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Base Natura

Base Natura is the result of the meticulous balancing of the finest ingredients, WITHOUT using emulsifiers or hydrogenated or refined vegetable fats.
BASE NATURA has no flavour additives, fully bringing out every single taste, and its ingredient list has no numbers or acronyms, but only clear and simple ingredients that can also be easily communicated to customers.

The only additive present is tara gum to ensure natural and wholesome gelatos.
We chose tara seeds because they are an excellent thickening agent to guarantee gelatos that are above all genuine, delicious and with excellent properties, such as a warm palate, creaminess, scoopability and a fine white colour.

We add nothing else to BASE NATURA, so all that's needed is the expert hand of an artisan gelato maker, recommending the following recipe:

2.4 kg product + 5 kg sugar (or 4.2 kg sugar + 800 g MEC3 Somix (Code 06077) + 20 litres milk + 3.8 kg cream.

4 x 2.4 kg packets

Gluten free

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Pack weight:

2,4 Kg

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