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Fredda Fine Lemon

Fredda Fine Lemon

Fredda Fine Lemon

Sharp, invigorating and fresh: it’s not surprising that the lemon flavour is definitely the undisputed king, and its luminous colour is the symbol of the summer. Today thanks to this Kit you can create a silky cremolata (Italian slush) that contains the sun-drenched flavour of the most fragrant citrus fruit.


The new line of MEC3 granita contain the fun and the taste of summer, a season to savor with a spoon and a straw. Don’t just think of the classic granita in the slush machine, the MEC3 research and development team has created a line of products which will allow you to make granita that can be compared to the Sicilian ones: taste them and you will find yourself immersed in the magical atmosphere of Sicily.

The Fredde Fini alla Siciliana line is not just fruit and high quality raw materials, but it’s also an exclusive mixture of sugars for the quick and easy preparation of an exceptionally silky granita, to be displayed and preserved at the same temperature and in the same showcase as gelato. The flavour and consistency of this innovative “Showcase Granita” remains the same even on display next to the different gelato flavours, without the use of additional equipment or different storage temperatures.

At last a fine quality, granita to confer the unique artisanal craftsmanship to the gelato store, exquisite on their own and amazing accompanied with gelato in all the different combinations your imagination suggests.

A typical Italian product, authentically MEC3.

  • Less than 100 Kcal per 100 g (less than the average traditional gelato)
  • Gluten free Without fats *
  • Without animal-origin ingredients
  • High profit margins (compared to the average traditional gelato)



No. 5 bags of Base x 0,900 kg

No. 1 bottle of Paste x 0,500 kg



Base 300 g + Paste 33 g + Water 1 L

Pour the contents of 1 bag of base and 1 measure of paste into 3 litres of water and batch freeze the mixture.

Store in the showcase and stir occasionally with a whisk to restore the consistency.

Gluten free

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