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Base Kit Paw Patrol

Base Kit Paw Patrol

Base Kit Paw Patrol

The toughest team of puppies ever, has a new mission: to conquer children and parents with the new flavour dedicated to Paw Patrol!
Inspired by the tv series that is capturing children’s attention all over the world, Paw patrol is a delicious biscuit-flavoured novelty, containing natural spirulina food colour and enriched with coloured chocolate flavoured confetti.

Paw kit contains:
  • N. 10 x 1,25 Kg bags of Paw Patrol Base
  • 1 Kg of coloured chocolate flavoured confetti
  • N. 1 flavour tag Paw Patrol
  • N. 360 collectable bouncy balls
  • N. 1 branded dispenser for bouncy balls
1 bag of Paw Patrol Base (1,25 Kg) + 2,5 L of water.Dissolve the contents of a bag in 2,5 L of water.Batch freeze the mixture and place the gelato in a gelato pan.To obtain the PAWFECT decorate with lots of coloured chocolate flavoured confetti.

Product code:


Pack weight:

13,5 Kg

Pieces in pack:


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