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MEC3 has discovered the secret recipe for an exclusive flavour with a sensational creaminess.

An extraordinary meeting between fine hazelnuts and exceptional chocolate in a unique and enticing flavour.

Scoop, more than a gelato, is front page news.
When you try it you'll understand why we've nicknamed it “The gelato that's the end of the world”.

We're delighted to offer you a product that's absolutely unique on the market.

Innovation and attention to customers are the values that have made MEC3 the market leader, and that continue to make it so successful.
This is why we created Scoop, the innovative mousse gelato launched at Sigep 2012.

An innovative product, a concentrate of taste that needs no base for its preparation, because it's already balanced and is made simply by adding milk.

The perfect balance of SCOOP has been achieved by increasing its content of hazelnuts, which by now is an amazing 18%.

DOSAGE: 2 Kg paste + 2 L or 2,5 L boiling whole milk

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Pack weight:

4 Kg

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