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Dia&Light YOGHIN

Dia&Light YOGHIN

Dia&Light YOGHIN

A range of complete flavours with a low calorie content, without added sugars or fats, and with less than 100 calories per 100 grams of gelato. The Dia&Light line is particularly suitable for consumers dedicating particular attention to what they eat.

With the products of this new line, users will be able to prepare and advertise a gelato that is:

– light (at least 30% fewer calories than traditional gelatos);
– without added sugars (no sucrose and no fructose);
– with 0% fats.

Product blended in cold water.

An eye-catching line of flavour markers and counter displays is also available, showing nutrition facts for the various gelato flavours.

Product code:


Pack weight:

1,25 Kg

Pieces in pack:


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