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Pokemon Pullback Race

Enjoy, race, and challenge.
This is the #PokemonPullbackRace, the TikTok challenge of Pokémon-inspired gelato. Hurry along to your gelato parlour and take part in the challenge!



The challenge is very simple and sweet. To participate, all you have to do is enjoy the Pokémon gelato and obtain the dedicated Pullback, once this is done all you have to do is race!

How does it work?

1. Find

Find the gelato parlour closest to you that offers the unique and original flavour inspired by Pokémon.

2. Taste

Taste the gelato you will be thrilled to say the least!!!

3. Obtain

Obtain the dedicated Pullbacks

4. Race

Race, film, and challenge your friends on TikTok using #PokemonPullbackRace

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Enjoy, race, and challenge. #PokemonPullbackRace

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