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Welcome to CASA OPTIMA: advanced training in the “Sweet Arts”. Worldwide!

39 courses and many novelties in programme in the Italian headquarters of San Clemente. 

All the experience and know-how of the Optima Spa group - which includes Mec3, Modecor Italiana and Giuso Guido - has been concentrated in Casa Optima, a project that aims to create a unique high-level educational and research centre entirely dedicated to the Sweet Arts.  Gelato, pastry, professional decorations, coffee specialties and cocktails are the subjects of the courses included in an intense training program, organized on different levels, addressed to both qualified professionals and newcomers. 

Casa Optima adopts a “one-on-one” teaching method: small classes with a maximum of 12 students and fully equipped individual workstations so that the students can immediately switch from theory to practice and interact constantly with the instructors.

The 2018-19 academic year offers once again an intense and completely renewed programme always in step with the latest trends and the requirements of the gelato makers. There are 39 courses in agenda from October to July including some very interesting NEW ENTRIES.  

Modecor Master Cake, for example is a format that interprets, with the taste of Italian pastry, the art of decoration born in the Orient. Dedicated to pastry and gelato chefs that frequently make cream cakes and wish to learn a technique to speed up the decoration to enhance the attractiveness of the showcase. Preparing an excellent espresso coffee or a perfect Cappuccino is the target of those who sign up for ‘Creativity you can drink’. This course of Coffee Specialities & More is dedicated to beginners that wish to approach the world of mixology and to those that already have a basic understanding that wish to improve their skills and to gelato and pastry chefs in search of new ideas to enrich their sales proposal.

The course on modern cakes ‘Pastry Trends’ has been updated. It’s intended to provide techniques and ideas to increase the proposals in your gelato shop, inspired by the latest flavour trends, enhancing the aesthetic presentation of modern pastry making. The gelato-makers pastry course instead finds its maximum expression in the course ‘Classics in Evolution’ where through research, experimentation, and the use of new and simple methods, you will discover how to create an attractive, modern and trendy showcase! 

Finally, for the cake design enthusiasts, here’s the Decoration & Design course a practical course to learn the basics on how to create and apply simple decorations of great effect. 

Great attention is paid to the many aspects of the world of Gelato: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced courses, answer the requests of the gelato makers whatever their level of preparation may be, focusing and studying specific themes, to improve the technical skills and to supply all the necessary tools to make their sales proposal  unique, creative and intriguing.  

Financial management, raw materials, human resources and marketing are the topics covered in the course From Passion to business, that aims to create new successful gelato makers that know how to manage their business correctly.  A complete training offer that proposes a 360° itinerary concerning the fascinating world of artisanal gelato. 

From Rimini to Shanghai, Casa Optima spreads the art of the Italian Sweet Arts by organizing courses all over the world in order to give the students the opportunity to receive advanced training in an international context. With Casa Optima, passion innovation and professionalism made in Italy has no boundaries…

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