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SIGEP 2020


1.500 sq m. of true goodness for the visitors of the 41^ Sigep



Breaking news: a super crunchy new entry has arrived in the Cookies family!

Cookies Cocoboom will transport your senses to an exotic paradise giving the palate an explosion of unique sensations!

An exclusive recipe, proposed in a kit: an irresistible variegate containing coconut biscuits is enriched with toasted coconut flakes and embraces an incredible coconut gelato. The final magic touch? A shower of fragrant crumble for a delicious mix of consistencies. The particular composition of Cookies Cocoboom will allow you to propose it in the showcase both in the classic version, high in the gelato pan with lavish variegate and enriched by the crumble, or in the unedited cremino version: flat in the gelato pan covered by a layer of crumble. Whichever version you choose, with Cookies Cocoboom the showcase will be … a bomb!


Coffee is a daily ritual, a break of pure pleasure, a moment of relax.

Here it is in a supreme, unedited and overwhelming version: in preview at Sigep 2020 Quella Coffee & Crystals awakens all your senses! A shower of coffee and crystal grains dive into a soft coffee cream, enhancing the taste and transferring a persistent flavour to the palate, a unique consistency, embracing and crunchy. With Quella Coffee & Crystals, the showcase is enriched with a boost of energy whilst the creativity of the gelato maker finds a new ally, one of a kind on the market! Like the other references of the family, Quella Coffee & Crystals stands out for its versatility: it can be batch frozen, used to variegate or used as a perfect ingredient for cakes and cremini, bringing a true explosion of coffee to the gelato shop. 


The Ruby cocoa bean chocolate cream, with a unique colour and unmistakeable taste. Perfect for giving a touch of ‘pop & shock’ to every gelato and pastry creation, it will also amaze you when combined with coffee and all the different applications in the world of beverages! 


A must have in the Quella family, takes the pleasure of a classic taste to a higher level. Soft, easy to scoop and versatile with a perfect texture, these are the characteristics of this cream, perfectly in line with the rest of the family.

CROCOCO’. The triumph of taste.

Inspired by the elegance and the lavishness of the Baroque style. The new kit Crococò by Mec3, where sweet, thin, crunchy crêpes blend with the delicacy of gelato. The original French crêpes, rolled, dried and crumbled into very fine flakes become precious feuilletine and their friability is preserved in a milk chocolate cream, expertly mixed with a superb Chantilly cream.

 A brand new speciality, with a unique consistency, dedicated to the most refined gourmands.

THE NAPURE LINE – The gelato’s nature

The Napure Line is a complete range that allows the gelato chef to offer a gelato with a brief and clear label, capable of gaining the trust of the increasingly attentive consumer towards the naturalness of food products. Many proposals including Bases, Creams, fruit sauces, Coatings and Decorations, all made to offer the most genuine gelato possible.


La Gelatisserie has been studied to offer the modern gelato and pastry chefs the possibility to create easily an irresistible, delicious, attractive and always different showcase with a wide offer of specialities at negative and positive temperatures.  

A complete range of products for those that want to amaze with their creativity. Amongst the novelties, the new glazes include the delicious Mirror Mango and the attractive Mirror MissPurple with the taste of Ube and a purple colour.  

Try the new Crema Gianduja Magic, soft and spreadable that promises magical applications before and after baking.

Instacrumble are champions of versatility in the butter and cocoa and caramel flavours, crunchy grains of biscuit crumble ready and fun to use for many different creations.

In addition to the elegant Fruttolotti and the practical Barattolotti, amongst the ideas proposed this year the delicious Tartelline, remarkable, shortcrust pasty baskets with a creamy heart and the imaginative and celebratory Dripping Cake, a multi-layered cake with many decorations and an astounding glaze that drips along the high borders.


After the success of hazelnut and pistachio, the line Ciuri Ciuri is enriched with a new, tasty peanut butter flavour with caramelized and delicately salted peanut grains that give life to a scrumptious gelato with a pleasantly grainy structure.   


The innovative range of pastes containing up to 70% of fruit to produce a sorbet with a unique quality by adding just water! 15 references, including the brand new pomegranate and Lychee flavours, with unrivalled quality and practicality, a careful selection of raw materials and products certified Vegan OK. 

KIT TRILOGY. Three chocolates in one exclusive flavour.

Plain dark, white or milk flavour? With Trilogy it’s no longer necessary to choose. Milk chocolate flavour gelato, wrapped in a white chocolate sauce and covered with black cocoa crumble with crunchy cocoa beans. An encounter of different flavours and consistencies that give life to a unique taste experience. All the shades of chocolate in an exclusive and precious gelato. 


All the goodness of Extra Dark without the addition of sugar... With fibres and sweetened with Stevia extract to enjoy the pleasure of plain dark chocolate … without sin! 


The quality of the line Extra MEC3 in a new product dedicated to gelato chefs. Cocoa and cocoa mass in chips 100% from the Dominican Republic. Extra Santo Domingo is an innovative product, to be prepared with hot water, without milk derivatives and with the selection of one of the world’s best cocoa, for creating a single-origin dark chocolate sorbet with a decisive taste, underlined by a pleasantly bitter taste, with persistent floral and fruity notes. It differs from the other references of the line Extra for its full-bodied structure, capable of satisfying the new requests from the market.


The marshmallow flavour gelato isn’t just good it’s much more! It looks like it has just come out of the house of Hansel and Gretel: it’s creamy, colourful, sweet and soft. A kit made up of a base for creating the Marshmallow cream and a chewy variegate to complete a gelato destined to entertain children and adults! 


Tasty butter caramel with golden coloured pigments to enhance every recipe with an unexpected jewel effect. An innovative product for multiple gelato, pastry and beverage applications. 


A white chocolate and a dark chocolate flavour ganache, with tiny choux pastry cream puffs, meet to give life to a pyramid of yumminess, ready to be served! 


Inspired by the traditional American cake, MecBrownie is ready to conquer all with its chocolaty taste: an extra delicious sauce with lots of Brownie gourmet pieces.

A unique dessert, with a double consistency:  a soft mixture combined with a crunchy surface. The lovers of chocolate will not be able to resist!


The famous Mama Que Buena, in a white version! A soft hazelnut heart covered with a white sauce of crumbly wafers, wrapped in crunchy cocoa flavour grains.


A true icon of French patisserie, the croissant, becomes a new and amazing gelato flavour. The perfume of hot croissants in a gelato of many applications. A beautiful and fragrant paste with lots pieces of croissant for a gelato to “fill” differently every day. For breakfast, as a snack or for any sweet moment during the day.  


A delicate and refined cream for a gelato to enjoy exactly as it is or as a base for delicious recipes. An ace up your sleeve for superlative pastry and gelato creations. 


A perfect paste for creating a gelato with an intense colour (without colourings) and the flavour of the classic Italian egg cream . With Bourbon vanilla extract from Madagascar and egg yolk for a flavour rich and full in a traditional cream, because tradition is sovereign in the gelato shop.


100% hazelnut cultivar ‘’Nocciola Tonda di Giffoni’’ in a golden coloured paste, for a gelato with a delicate yet memorable taste.   


A careful selection of the most precious pistachios with the addition of Fiordisale di Sicilia (Sicilian sea salt). The intense flavour of pistachio embellished and enhanced by pleasant salty notes will conquer everyone with the first taste!


The perfect ally to answer all the different needs of consumption in the world of beverages will be presented this year at Sigep in all its different expressions of taste and with lots of novelties:

·       The Cocoa flavour, sweet, fresh, delicate and creamy, enriches the offer of Mec3 In Cups by Granfrutta, the line of purees with a high percentage of fruit, perfect for deseasonalizing the offer in the gelato shop, involving and satisfying even the most curious and demanding customers with exquisite smoothies, milkshakes and frappe.

·       An intriguing and refined allure characterizes the line of spreadable creams by Quella, thanks to Ruby, the chocolate flavour cream from Ruby cocoa beans, a delicate and trendy flavour, and Nocciola Pralinè, the smooth hazelnut cream with a praline flavour. All the references of the line Spreadable creams by Quella are perfect for preparing delicious coffee based specialities, each in a practical 1,2kg size with a handy dispenser, to seduce customers with unusual gourmet coffees, milkshakes and aromatized cold coffee.

·       Line by Cookies Family with two delicious variegates containing biscuit grains: MR. ORIGINAL and MR. BLACK. The goodness of the Cookies line are now available also for preparing different Coffee Specialities and satisfying the palate in search of something crunchy.  With the line Cookies Family, it’s possible  to enrich frozen creams, iced cold coffee, gourmet coffee and much more …

·       The sexy references from the line SQUEEZE, created to bring fruit-based drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, to a higher level of taste, perfect for aromatizing granita and cold tea, have been enriched with 4 new proposals: Green Melon Breeze, Guapa Bonita, Kiwi Delight and Mulberry Crush.