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The Mec3 Novelties never cease to surprise us! 

Amazing, delicious, irresistible, and fun… these adjectives are not enough to describe the NOVELTIES by Mec3 that are about to burst into the showcases of the gelato shops all over the world, ready to conquer consumers of all ages!

“Every year the January convention, which anticipates the start of Sigep, is an occasion for us to get together with our customers and partners to discuss many issues, consequently we could not renounce such an important moment– says Fabrizio Finelli, BU Director Ice Cream of the Casa Optima Group -. We thought of a digital format that would allow us to present our novelties by interacting with our partners in a technologically advanced context, but with the warmth that has always distinguished Mec3.I believe that the new products demonstrate the determination of the company, together with the entire Casa Optima Group, to look towards the future with a smile and enthusiasm!”.

Impact, innovation and completeness are the keywords that distinguish the Mec3 novelties  according to Matteo Sala, Chief Marketing Director of the Casa Optima Group: “Impact, because we have focused on launching products of great visible impact  for the end consumer, in order to create movement in the gelato shops and to build customer loyalty; innovation thanks to projects  related to trends and the consumer’s passions ; completeness because this year’s initiatives  cover all the most important categories of the Mec3 portfolio, from Quella and Cookies, to  Granfrutta and Mec3 in Cups. To introduce to the customers our achievements in terms of research, development, and marketing strategies, we decided to create an E-Vent, a cutting-edge digital event for which our team made use of the collaboration of two important partners such as Life, an independent communications company, our strategic partner for several years and Magina, a production company specialized in innovative and digital projects for companies”.

 Let’s take a look at these products presented on the 1st of March to clients of different nationalities and countries, by starting with the most amusing one, able to exert great appeal towards the final consumer: Paw Patrol! Inspired by the homonymous tv series that is popular with children all over the world, Paw Patrol is a delicious biscuit flavoured novelty with a naturally blue colour from the spirulina algae and enriched with different coloured confetti. 

The plus is the exclusive POP material consisting in 360 colourful collectable bouncy balls, with 12 characters from the series inside, fun lenticular 3D adhesive graphics that can be applied to the floor or the wall of your gelato shop, through which children will have fun discovering the images of their favourite characters.  No one will be able to resist such delightful goodness! 

The line of Spreadable creams Quella by Mec3 shines with new light and new goodness thanks to two new references with a refined taste: Quella Vanilla and Quella Dark. The exquisite Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar give a precious touch to Quella Vanilla, a cream characterized by a sweet and intense flavour that will make every creation unique.  Those who loved Quell’altro will go crazy for Quella Dark, the dark chocolate flavoured spreadable cream with which a new era is inaugurated: the taste evolves and is enriched by the intense notes of the single origin Santo Domingo giving life to a reloaded version that will captivate the lovers of dark chocolate.

Avocado, the tropical fruit with its unmistakeable taste, extremely trendy in numerous sweet and savoury recipes, with Mec3 it becomes a trend of summer 2021 bringing all the euphoria of a paradisaical ‘Avocado Party’ to the gelato shop!

An exotic gelato that combines the creamy consistency and pleasant goodness of the avocado with the sweet and refreshing taste of coconut and a touch of lime, in a perfect mix to experiment with new flavour nuances.

Inspired by the Bavarian atmosphere of the Oktober Fest Kit Chocopretzel where the Pretzel, the tasty bread covered with salt, with the characteristic knotted shape and an amber colour becomes the key ingredient of an exclusive recipe: a sweet and at the same time savoury flavour , born from the encounter between blonde chocolate and a unique variegate on the market, which combines the goodness of the caramel and malt chocolate sauce, with the crunchy flavour of pretzel grains  and the unmistakeable notes of peanut paste.


A noble and antique fruit is the protagonist of Pistachio Byzantine Paste, made with the finest pistachios from the Middle East. Only carefully selected Pistachios for a perfect balance of aroma, colour, and flavour. Ideal for creating a refined gelato, rich, with an intense flavour and a captivating colour.

From the experience of MEC3 in balancing different varieties of hazelnut, Dark Hazelnut Selection Paste is born, a full-bodied paste, obtained from a prolonged toasting of the fruit, ideal for those looking for a product that gives the gelato a darker colour and a strong and persistent taste of toasted hazelnuts, characterized by notes of caramel and hints of crusty bread.

Napure is the MEC3 line that joins the clean label philosophy: few essential ingredients and selected raw materials, that allow you to obtain a gelato with a clean taste and an impeccable consistency.  A complete range with lots of products including Bases, Creams, Fruit Variegates, Coatings and Decorations, capable of satisfying the needs of professionals that wish to offer a natural gelato and to stand out on the market. The Napure Line is supported by a series of materials dedicated to gelato chefs in order to communicate the natural philosophy of gelato to the consumer: window stickers, counter displays, flavour signs, posters, and gadgets.

MEC3 IN CUPS, the line of fruit-based, non-alcoholic preparations studied and developed for mixed drinks, is enriched with three new references of the line Squeeze: Pineapple Sunshine, Watermelon Wave and Pomegranate Pop.

For over thirty years the MEC3 Bases are a point of reference in the world of gelato thanks to the vast range of solutions studied to satisfy the needs of the gelato maker, and the continuous evolution capable that always guarantees a simply perfect gelato. Innovation is the protagonist of the extensive catalogue that is enriched with four new milk-based references: Base Alba 50, designed to adapt to numerous personal modifications, to accommodate the habits and taste of the artisanal gelato chef ; Base Alba 100, extremely practical, to allow customization of the recipes; Base 200 MB, to reach the highest quality standards in the shortest time and the simplest possible way and Base Soave 200, with a high dosage, non-hydrogenated vegetable fats and aromas, to reach with extreme simplicity and speed, very high quality standards thanks to a combination of high quality raw materials.

Last but not least… the great protagonist of Mec3’s story of success, Cookies The Original, celebrates 20 years of undisputed primacy in terms of longevity, quality, taste, crunchiness, and lots of wow!

The first gelato flavour for artisanal gelato shops to become a brand known and loved worldwide, that many try to imitate, but its original recipe remains unrivalled.

There are many secrets to its success, always true to itself, thanks to a simple recipe and the highest quality raw materials. Cookies The Original is the unique and original combination of the Biscuit Paste with the delicious Cookies variegate: an embrace between the taste of the traditional Italian shortbread biscuit, a soft cocoa and hazelnut cream and irresistible cocoa shortbread biscuit grains  

With Cookies it’s also possible to create lots of delicious ideas: the legendry biscuit gelato, gelato on sticks, truffles, mini-Cookies, little cones, lollypops and tiny droplets, all branded Cookies!


The Mec3 novelties never cease to surprise us!