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MEC3 @ HOST 2019


From 18th – 22nd October - Exhibition Rho Milano

PAV. 6 – Stand A42 - A50 - C49 - C55





MEC3 IN CUPS, the perfect partner that meets the different needs of consumption in the beverage sector, is getting ready to amaze the public with 9 new references. 

The Coconut flavour, sweet, fresh, delicate and creamy, enriches the Mec3 In Cups by Granfrutta proposals. This line of purees with a very high percentage of fruit is perfect for deseasonalizing the offer in the gelato shop, delighting and satisfying even the most exigent and curious clients with delicious smoothies and milkshakes.

The Coconut joins the eight other protagonists of the line: Mango Alphonso, Mixed Berries, Pineapple, Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach, Passion fruit and Banana.  

An intriguing and refined allure characterizes the line of spreadable creams by Quella, thanks to the launch of Ruby, the chocolate flavour cream from Ruby cocoa beans, with a delicate and trendy taste, and Hazelnut Pralinè, the smooth hazelnut cream with a pralinè taste.

Two new proposals together with Quella, White Chocolate, Caramel Flavour, Dark Chocolate, Peanut, and Pistachio offer the possibility to prepare delicious coffee based specialities. Many different references, each in a practical 1,2kg size with a handy dispenser, to seduce your customers with original gourmet coffees, milkshakes and aromatized cold coffees. 

The line by Cookies Family stands out amongst the novelties with two delicious variegates containing biscuit grains: MR. ORIGINAL and MR. BLACK. The goodness of this line Cookies is now available also for the preparation of unique Coffee Specialities to satisfy the palates of those that are searching for something crunchy. With the Cookies Family line, it’s possible to enrich frozen creams, iced cold coffees, gourmet coffees and much more … 

To complete the range, the sexy references of the line SQUEEZE created to bring the alcoholic and non-alcoholic fruit based beverages to a higher level of taste, but that’s not all! They are perfect for aromatizing the granita and cold teas. Alongside the eight flavours with captivating names and unmistakable flavours  - Blueberry Bloom, Cranberry Love, Strawberry Dream, Lemon Lime Power Sweet & Sour, Maracuja Passion, Mango Alphonso Glory, Peach Escape, Coconut Emotion –  4 new proposals debut: Green Melon Breeze, Guapa Bonita, Kiwi Delight and Mulberry Crush.

MEC3 in Cups: an incomparable line, an offer of unique flavours, endless applications to multiply the business opportunities always with top products!




La Gelatisserie has been designed to offer modern gelato and pastry chefs the possibility to create an irresistible, delicious, attractive showcase that’s always different with a wide range of specialities even at negative temperatures.  

High performance bases with different applications, delicious fillings for cold and baked desserts, modern glazes ready for use and perfect when sliced, chocolate and flowers for creating original and attractive decorations.   

Two categories of Bases: Semifreddo Bases, for desserts to be preserved and served at negative temperatures with a high performance Natural solution thanks to the innovative baobab fruit pulp. Cremfix Bases, for positive temperature preparations (mousse and Bavarian creams) in many different flavours including new high quality products with atomized chocolate.    

Farcy is the line of excellent fillings with a fresh taste and a high content of fruit in pieces (70%) studied for use in all desserts: negative, positive and oven baked products.

Mirror is the name of the creative glazes that guarantee uniform coating on the surfaces of the desserts, with a clean and trendy taste, they ideal for coating semifreddi, Bavarian creams, mousse and single portions.   

To complete the proposal beautiful and ready to use decorations for transforming and  making every dessert inviting, capable of satisfying all the aesthetic requirements : modern chablon, extremely fine waves, refined sticks, elegant spheres and dynamic swirls; all decorations of fine chocolate to add a striking final touch to every dessert. Sugar flowers, marzipan roses and macaron shells for a romantic atmosphere in the showcase.   

Highly innovative and practical solutions that facilitate the work of professionals and increase the appeal of the creations. New proposals intended for creating an eye-catching showcase that delights the palate with cakes, semifreddi and single portions that can be sold at any time of the day and suitable for every kind of consumer.    

For example the Fruttolotti, fun and at the same time elegant 3D fruits, a feast for the eyes and the palate, intended for those that set no limits but want to amaze with simplicity, or the Barattolotti, precious tiny jars of infinite flavour combinations, practical and elegant to enhance the vertical showcase.  

In conclusion, lots of ideas to give vent to creativity and to increase, in an intelligent and innovative way, the business opportunities of each sales point.



 The quality of the line Extra MEC3 in a new product dedicated to gelato.  

Cocoa and cocoa mass nuggets 100% from the Dominican Republic. Extra Santo Domingo is an innovative product, for preparation with hot water, without milk or derivatives and with a selection of one of the best cocoas in the world, for creating a single origin dark chocolate sorbet with a decisive flavour underlined by a pleasant bitter taste, with persistent floral and fruity notes. It differs from the other references of the line Extra due to its rich and intense structure capable of satisfying the latest requests from the market.





The fourth chocolate bursts into the Quella family!

A WOW effect is guaranteed for Quella Ruby and all the applications that your imagination suggests!

Quella Ruby is a spreadable chocolate cream from Ruby cocoa beans, gluten free with a unique colour and an unmistakable taste, it can be enjoyed exactly as it is or in infinite pastry, gelato and beverage applications to give a touch of ‘pop & shock’ to all your creations!  

For an irresistible showcase, Instagrammer proof!

The novelties in the family are not over yet …

A classic flavour, which is difficult to give up: Hazelnut, boasts the signature of Quella and raises the quality to a higher level.  Gluten free and without palm oil.

Perfect texture, compactness, easy to spread with a unique taste, top quality raw materials, and faultless in the showcase, these are just some of the features that will make Quella Nocciola a new icon of taste. 

With these two new delicious products, the line increases to a range of 16 references (12 smooth and 4 crunchy).

Discover them all and unleash your creativity!



The MEC3 bases are a point of reference in the world of gelato thanks to the vast range of solutions capable of satisfying the needs of all the gelato makers and thanks to their continuous evolution capable of guaranteeing simply perfect gelato.  

The catalogue is enriched with two new references: Nature Base Evolution 100 and Nature Base Fruit Evolution 100.  Bases of 100 grams for clean label cream gelato or fruit sorbets (without emulsifiers, vegetable fatsflavourings and thickeners) its performance is guaranteed by particular vegetable fibres and baobab fruit. The evolution of the Nature concept go even further, where naturalness does not accept any compromises!  


A product dedicated to those who live gelato with passion.  Just genuine and easy to recognize ingredients offering the consumer a ‘clean’ gelato with an impeccable taste and structure.    


Intended for the artisan of the future. The perfect base for a sorbet with a pure taste and an impeccable structure.   



Autumn is a period of the year rich in seasonal products that if used with knowhow and creativity, can enhance the showcase and increase its appeal even during low season. This is why the MEC3 Master gelato chefs have elaborated a delicious recipe book where apples, marron glacès, oranges and walnuts giving life to unique and sought-after gelato flavours.   


A refined dessert much appreciated in northern Italy and in France. An encounter between meringue and superb marrons glacés in a gelato that surpasses with its exquisite taste the most famous peak of the Alps!  


Cocoa and cocoa mass nougats, 100% from the Dominican Republic.

Without milk and derivatives, with a selection of the world’s finest cocoa, with a pleasant bitter taste, persistent floral and fruity notes. Accompanied by a rum flavoured sauce for a sorbet for true pirates of the Caribbean…


The unmistakeable taste of the spicy biscuit in a gelato enriched with a creamy variegate containing crunchy pieces of biscuit and sweet bright red streaks. The wild soul of the cranberry transforms Speculoos in an authentic taste experience that will amaze you.   


An intense raw almond pesto, a precious pistachio spreadable cream and an exquisite filling with lots of pieces of orange. All the warmth, the luminosity and fragrance of Southern Italy enclosed in this gelato, to be transported in a sensorial journey to the heart of the Mediterranean 


A blast from the past immersed in the traditional taste of the best Apple pie. This soft biscuit paste will remind you of a freshly baked cake completed with a variegate rich in pieces of sweet juicy apple.  A gelato with the taste and fragrance of tradition.


An exotic taste capable of transporting you to magical places. The walnut paste and the variegate rich in whole dates unite the eastern flavours in a dream ensemble… 


Warm up the gelato parlour with the intense fragrance of crepes and waffles: scrumptious and perfect when combined with gelato or tasty sauces made in a few simple steps with a top quality mix.



The evolution of gelato soft in a gourmet dessert! Wondercream is a new way of interpreting a trend of the sector: fresh and tasty, practical and simple to prepare, it meets the approval of grownups and children thanks to the high quality raw materials, the captivating methods of presentation and the infinite methods of personalizing the cones.   

Everyone can create their very own gelato soft by combining the gelato with the famous creams, the precious sauces and grains. Wondercream is a triumph of taste beyond imagination!


From 18th – 22nd October - Exhibition Rho Milano

PAV. 6 – Stand A42 - A50 - C49 - C55