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From the purple of Miss Purple to the pink and blue of Unicorn,
from the ruby red of Extra Ruby to the intense brown of ‘Nocciola là-là Scura’
to the green of Cookies Matcha: a rainbow of colours that will make every showcase unique and special!

MISS PURPLE – The sweet potato purple gelato

The purple potato known as Ube is the latest food craze that has become contagious. Used for the preparation of cakes, jams and biscuits, it has inspired Miss Purple this year’s fun and intriguing gelato flavour. Impossible to resist its goodness and its amazing purple colour, both in the gelato and the soft version!


The legendary figure of the Unicorn has traversed centuries becoming an emblem of our times and protagonist of the latest phenomenon that has invaded the market and the social network.

Today the trendiest pony has a gelato cone on its forehead and is ready to bring a magical rainbow to every gelato shop to enchant both grownups and children.

The Unicorn flavour gelato exists, born from a combination of a blue and a pink gelato. Some people say it has the taste of soft clouds and for others a taste that reminds them of their childhood.

In the world of fantasy, nothing is impossible.


After the plain dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate gelato, a new classic is born: the artisanal Ruby flavour chocolate that can be distinguished for its colour, taste and consistency.

The quality of the MEC3 EXTRA line introduces a new product dedicated to gelato shops with chocolate obtained from Ruby cocoa beans to create a gelato with a fruity taste and an incredibly pink colour.

EXTRA DARK BLACK – Il sorbetto più nero

Plain dark chocolate to be melted in water for a sorbet with a fresh and a decisive taste.

Our blackest chocolate, in a version without milk derivatives.


The most famous P.G.I Piedmont hazelnut today in two versions with a completely new music:

Nocciola-là-là Scura with a stronger flavour thanks to the prolonged toasting, joins our famous Nocciola-là-là pure paste for creating a gelato capable of satisfying every palate.      


An original recipe, an intriguing flavour, amazingly attractive and a surprise for the palate.  The decisive flavour of the cream with Matcha green tea biscuits encounters the sweet notes of the white chocolate for a gelato with a unique flavour. 


An enticing caramel flavour cream embraces crunchy grains of caramelized biscuits.

Lust for the taste buds.


The new hazelnut cream that introduces the art of French pralinatura to the gelato shop, exalting all the flavour of the toasted hazelnuts with the caramelized aroma of the pralinatura.


The original hazelnut and cocoa flavoured cream without added sugars. Enjoy without thought, pleasure without sin.


A perfect balance between cocoa and hazelnuts for a Bacio flavour gelato!


Simply exquisite and easy to prepare this classic yet rich in flavour gelato. Just add a sprinkling of bitter cocoa or crumbled amaretti biscuits to the surface to make it super!


The celebration of a precious fruit in the original Kit Ciuri Ciuri.

An excellent gelato with an unmistakeable flavour and appearance that delights the palate with the perfect combination of Pesto Pistacchio grezzo and a refined, intense variegate.

Celebrated with selected and toasted pistachio grains.


Layers of Pesto grezzo alternated with a new and refined hazelnut flavour variegate completed with exclusive grains of toasted hazelnut pieces. A hazelnut flavour gelato to be discovered for an experience that can’t be missed in the new Kit Ciuri Ciuri.


Granfrutta, the innovative range of pastes containing up to 70% fruit to produce a unique quality sorbet by just adding water, increases its line with two new entries:  Coconut and Guapa.

Today with the new Granfrutta Coconut, a coconut based cream with coconut flakes; it’s possible to make a coconut sorbet without any dairy derivatives to discover the true taste of this fruit that knows no season: sweet, fresh, delicate, smooth and creamy.

GranFrutta Guapa is the name of this heavenly taste born from the combination of Guava and Papaya, exotic and refreshing fruits with a fragrant flavour.


Known as the “Diamonds of the pastry shop”, the Marrons Glacés are the ultimate and highest expression of a long process of candying chestnuts, which fall into the category of fine Italian and French artisanal crafts. From this creation, a delicate, delicious sauce is born with lots of chestnuts inside, selected and slowly candied to the heart of the fruit.


The flavour and the crunchy sound of traditional Italian brittle made with precious almonds and tasty caramel to use both as a paste or variegate, for a festive atmosphere.


Zucca Pumpkin is the new velvety flavour that combines the characteristics of the spices with the softness of the pumpkin. A gelato with a genuine taste that tantalizes the palate with intriguing spicy notes and a seductive fragrance of freshly baked cakes.


A cream rich in Pecan nut kernels for use as a paste or variegate for a fine gelato full of flavour inspired by the popular American pie.


MEC3 provides the gelato chefs with all the elements of Nature to discover that to feel good is much more satisfying! Elements is a vast and complete range of products to satisfy the needs of all the customers. Rice, soya, clean label, sugar free and organic.  


The evolution of gelato soft in a gourmet dessert! Wondercream is a new way of interpreting a trend of the sector: fresh and tasty, practical and easy to prepare, loved by grown-ups and children thanks to high quality raw materials, its attractive presentation and the endless possibilities of personalizing the cones.  

Everyone can create their very own personal gelato soft by combining with imagination the gelato, the famous creams, the precious sauces and grains.  Wondercream, is a triumph of taste and imagination.   


A new line of products studied to reinvent gelato pastries: La Gelatisserie. High performance bases for negative or positive temperature desserts, delicious fillings for cold or oven baked desserts, modern ready for use glazes perfect when sliced, chocolates and flowers for original and captivating decorations. 

To complete the proposal of this line of products for pastries, La Gelatisserie proposes a series of highly innovative and practical solutions to increase the appeal of the creations and to make the work of the professional gelato and pastry chef much easier.


A fruit and cream based line of products for preparing fresh smoothies, exquisite coffee specialities and delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Mec3 In Cups by Granfrutta is the perfect partner for satisfying the requests of even the most curious and demanding customers, by increasing the proposal with smoothies, milkshake and frappè.

For preparing delicious coffee based specialities, from coffee gourmet to milkshakes, the ideal line is definitely Mec3 In Cups by Quella Family, whilst the new SQUEEZE version will bring fruit-based, alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails to a higher level of taste.

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