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From the experience of MEC3, a new line of products studied to reinvent gelato pastries: 

La Gelatisserie. 

Intelligent, attractive easy and quick to prepare pastries. La Gelatisserie has been designed to offer the modern gelato chef the possibility to create an irresistible, delicious, attractive and always different showcase with a wide range of negative and positive temperature pastry offers.

High performance bases for different uses, delicious fillings for cold or oven baked desserts, modern ready to use glazes perfect when sliced, chocolates and flowers for original and captivating decorations. 

Two families of Bases: Semifreddo Bases, dedicated to desserts to be conserved and served at negative temperatures with a natural high performance solution thanks to the innovative baobab fruit pulp. Cremfix bases, for positive temperature preparations (mousse and Bavarian creams) in many flavours among which new top quality products with sprayzzato chocolate.  

Farcy is a line of precious fillings with a fresh taste and containing a high quantity of fruit pieces (70%) studied for use in all desserts: negative, positive and oven baked. 

Mirror is the name of the artistic glaze  that guarantee homogeneous coating of desserts with a clean and trendy taste, ideal for coating semifreddi, Bavarian creams, mousse and single portions.  

To complete the proposal simple beautiful ready for use Decorations for transforming and making every dessert inviting, capable of satisfying all aesthetic requirements: modern chablon, thin chocolate waves, chocolate wands, elegant spheres and dynamic comma stripes; decorations in fine chocolate to embellish every dessert with a touch of class.  Sugar paste flowers, marzipan roses and macaron shells for creating a romantic atmosphere in the showcase. 

Particularly innovative and practical solutions to make the gelato chef’s job much easier and to increase the appeal of the creations. New proposals for creating an eye-catching showcase that will delight the palate with cakes, semifreddi and single portions saleable at any time of the day and suitable for every type of consumer.  

For example, Fruttolotti, the delightful and elegant 3D fruits, a joy for the eyes and the palate dedicated to those who don’t want to set limits but want to amaze with simplicity.  

Alternatively, the Barattolotti, tiny precious jars filled with infinite flavour combinations, practical and elegant to enrich the vertical showcase.  

In conclusion, many ideas to give vent to your creativity and increase in an intelligent and innovative manner the business of every sales point.