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Glitter Glaze by Mec3: more than just a glaze, it’s a party dress!

Glitter Glaze by Mec3: more than just a glaze, it’s a party dress!

The glitters are protagonist of the autumn/winter season: in fashion, in furnishings as well as in the gelato shop! Always aware of current trends, Mec3 presents Glitter Glaze, a new line of glittery glazes to dress up modern pastry creations, transforming them into masterpieces to eat with your eyes! Dazzling products with a unique colour, suitable for every occasion, to give your showcase an exclusive and glamorous look: because the appearance is important, especially in this sweet sector!

It’s possible to choose between three different shades, perfect alone and even shinier if combined.

Glitter Glaze Green is the secret for transforming every creation into a magnificent emerald or to welcome the spring using the colour that best represents it in a glamorous and attractive version. To make Christmas even more suggestive or to give Valentine’s Day an intriguing allure, the perfect ingredient is Glitter Glaze Red the glaze that will warm the heart, thanks to its brilliant red tone. Combined with Glitter Glaze Green it becomes the perfect combination to recreate a Christmas palette on desserts that will have no rivals!

Finally, Glitter Glaze Gold, the chicest of the new glazes, studied for creating a jewellery shop display, brilliant, precious, and very refined, to instantly capture the customers attention.

Three novelties that enrich the offer of La Gelatisserie, the Mec3 line dedicated to modern gelato and pastry chefs that wish to amaze with creative proposals at any time of the day and, at the same time increase business in their sales point in an intelligent and innovative way.  

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