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The basic principle that has always inspired MEC3, and that has made it so successful over the years, is that of supplying its customers with the best ingredients and the most innovative products for the best possible artisan gelatos.

True to this principle, MEC3 has decided to reinvent one of the gelato classics, and the result is the most advanced yogurt product available: NewYo.
A completely new product on the market, but already destined to revolutionize the gelato world.

NewYo is the first fresh yogurt concentrate for the preparation of artisan yogurt gelatos.
NewYo is the new way to make yogurt gelatos without using products in powder form.
NewYo is the answer to the request from artisan gelato makers to return to making gelatos using real ingredients.
With NewYo you'll finally be able to make gelatos that stay soft and need no added dextrose. Just spoon the product out of the jar, and you'll create a yogurt gelato that's already yogurt.

DOSAGE: 50/60 g per kg of mixture

Gluten free

Product code:


Pack weight:

4,5 Kg

Pieces in pack:


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