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Granfrutta Coconut

Granfrutta Coconut

Coconut and Guapa are the two new entries in the Granfrutta Line by Mec3, the innovative range of pastes containing up to 70%  fruit to produce , a unique quality sorbet by just adding water!

With the new  Granfrutta Coconut made with coconut cream and coconut flakes , it’s possible to create a coconut sorbet without milk derivatives, to rediscover the true flavour of this fruit that doesn’t know seasonality: sweet , fresh, delicate, enticing and creamy.

The delicious Granfrutta  temptations are also perfect for creating delightful smoothies, inviting cocktails, creative sticks, refreshing ice-lollies and granita.

With the Mec3 GranFrutta the summer showcase is enriched with flavour and colour!

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4.5 Kg

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