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Dedicated courses and video recipes for the web: the two leading companies in professional training to support the Italian confectionery art.


April 16, 2019

Launch of the partnership between Gambero Rosso, the most complete multimedia and multi-channel platform for content, services and training in the food and wine sector, and Casa Optima, the high-performance training and research center entirely dedicated to "Sweet Arts".

The two leaders of professional training in Italy will be at your side to increase your knowledge in the Pastry and Gelato sectors thanks also to the innovative tools of the Mec3, Modecor and Giuso brands of the Optima Group. Frontal lessons and laboratory practices dedicated to the Ho.Re.Ca. sector to train future Sweet Arts professionals. The Gambero Rosso and Casa Optima co-branded courses will take place at the Casa Optima offices in Rimini, Alessandria, and Varese, and at the Gambero Rosso Academy in Rome, Turin, Cesena, Naples, Lecce and Palermo.

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Thanks to the partnership, it will also be possible to keep abreast with the most recent innovations in pastry and ice cream arts thanks to a web series dedicated to the sectors, which will contain recipes created with the most advanced instruments of the Optima Group and which will be available on the digital media of Gambero Rosso www

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"We are enthusiastic about the partnership with Casa Optima, with which we share the mission of training complete professionals, able to meet the demands of the market using the most advanced technologies," says Paolo Cuccia President of Gambero Rosso "The confectionery sector is constantly growing and needs experts with the necessary skills to be competitive in a sector that is increasingly attentive to quality and processing methods. "


"The collaboration with Gambero Rosso Academy stems from the desire to present the project 'Casa Optima' even to those who do not operate in the world of artisan gelato in the strict sense." Declares Claudio Riva, CEO of Casa Optima "I consider it a perfect combination of two realities that, each in their own sector, is recognized and established reference points: if Gambero Rosso is the largest professional platform in the Gourmet sector, the Optima group, with 'Casa Optima', aims to do the same in all the  Sweet Arts: gelato, pastry, decorations and beverages. Therefore, the idea of combining our know-how with courses organized in Italy and around the world seemed immediately to be a winner. The goal is to reach more and more people and train them with the help of Gambero Rosso experts, who I consider the most authoritative and accredited partner ".


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