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Gelato / Kit

Kit Crococò

Gelato / Kit

Kit Crococò

A fantastic ingredient with a unique consistency, in a new MEC3 speciality.

The original French crêpes, rolled, dried and crumbled into very fine flakes become precious Feuilletine.

We preserve this delicate friability in a milk chocolate cream that encounters a superb Chantilly cream dedicated to refined delicacies.

  • No. 1x 2, 8 Kg Bucket of Crococò Paste
  • No. 1x 4, 5 Kg Bucket of Crococò variegate
  • No. 1 Flavour sign
  • No. 1 Countertop display.
Add 50 g of Crococò Paste for each kg of white base and batch freeze the mixture.
Variegate as desired using Crococò Variegate.

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Pack weight:

7,3 Kg

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