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Gelato / Complete flavours / Granfrutta

Granfrutta Guapa

Gelato / Complete flavours / Granfrutta

Granfrutta Guapa

GranFrutta Guapa is the name of the heavenly flavour born from the combination of Guava and Papaya, refreshing, exotic fruits with an aromatic flavour. An unprecedented and perfect proposal for the summer season.

Both gluten free and certified VeganOK,  the number of references of this line  has risen to thirteen, to transform the showcase into an authentic rainbow of irresistible flavours: Pineapple, strawberry, mixed berries, raspberry, mango, melon, peach, banana, passion fruit, mulberry and pear.

The delicious Granfrutta  temptations are also perfect for creating delightful smoothies, inviting cocktails, creative sticks, refreshing ice-lollies and granita. With the Mec3 GranFrutta the summer showcase is enriched with flavour and colour!

Gluten free

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5 Kg

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