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Kit Marshmallow

Kit Marshmallow


You’d think that it had come from the house of Hansel and Gretel:
it’s creamy, colourful, sweet and soft.
The kit contains a base for creating the Marshmallow cream and a gummy variegate to complete the fairy-tale
of this gelato destined to delight children and grownups.
Its chewy consistency and the deliciousness of the Marshmallow will conquer the young
and will remind grownups of happy childhood times, reviving tasty memories with a pinch of nostalgia.
Without animal gelatine to satisfy even the most demanding consumer.

N. 8 x 1,00 Kg bags of Marshmallow Base
N. 1 x 3,00 Kg bucket of Marshmallow Variegate

1 bag of Marshmallow Base (1,00 kg) + 2 L of water Dissolve the contents of a bag in 2 litres of water.
Batch freeze the mixture and place the gelato in a gelato pan.
4 Decorate with the Marshmallow variegate and prepare for the party.

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11 Kg

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